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HelpGuide is donor supported. We may earn a commission when you follow links to our affiliate partners.

HelpGuide is dedicated to helping our users by making mental health care solutions more easily accessible to everyone, regardless of their location or financial status. The following helps you understand how we earn revenue at HelpGuide through our affiliate relationships.

Remaining independent and objective

At HelpGuide, we provide our readers with responsible, helpful, and motivating mental health and wellness resources, without outside influence from advertisers, sponsors, or business affiliates. Even though we may receive a commission from an affiliate, that relationship has no influence on our content, mission, or values. We are here to provide accurate, timely, and unbiased information that can inspire you to take positive action and improve how you feel.

Whenever we offer a link to an affiliate website within our content, we will always disclose our relationship to that affiliate and make it clear that we may earn a commission if you use their service or buy their product.

Making an informed decision

We strive to empower our users to use the information and resources we offer to help themselves and their loved ones strengthen their mental health and well-being. As part of that mission, we offer affiliate services and products as a convenience to our users. However, we always encourage you to use your own independent efforts and judgment to decide if the service or product is right for you.

HelpGuide and online therapy partners

HelpGuide has affiliate relationships with the BetterHelp websites,,, and (all owned by Teladoc, Inc.) and with (owned by CRN Solutions AB). When you click on a link to these sites from and subscribe to their services, we may earn a commission. These business relationships provide essential financial support to HelpGuide to ensure that we continue to offer our unique content, resources, and support free of charge to all those who need them.

Therapy is a key component of treatment for many mental health problems. While online therapy tends to be more affordable and convenient than traditional therapy, current evidence suggests that for many people it can be just as effective—especially when it’s performed via a video connection. Online therapy enables you to communicate with a qualified specialist wherever you are, while avoiding the expense, travel time, and inconvenience of having to meet in-person.

BetterHelp and are well-known providers of online therapy and counseling. We have tested their services and some members of our team have used their services for their own personal needs. Of course, there can be drawbacks to online therapy as well, so we at HelpGuide will always continue to provide other options—whether that’s recommending in-person counseling, providing free access to our self-help content, or offering links to free helplines and other sources of support. As a respected nonprofit organization, we always put the needs of our users first and our focus is always on helping people, rather than generating revenue.

We offer these affiliate services as a convenience to our users. As you would expect, HelpGuide is unable to independently verify every individual provider listed on the services. In any circumstances, we encourage you to use your own independent efforts and judgment to select a reputable therapist who is right for you. If you have any questions about a particular provider, please contact that provider directly, contact BetterHelp, or contact

If you have questions

At HelpGuide, we are very proud of the work we do and the huge number of people we are able to help each day. You can learn more about who we are and how HelpGuide was started by visiting About Us.

If you have any questions about our affiliate relationships, please contact us with those questions, and we'll be happy to give you more information.

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